Fun frolic and festivities at Purva Sunshine Apartment

In Kannada, “HABBA” means festival, “ANNA” means food. HABANA is not only for food, but also crafts, games, celebration, cultural activities etc,. This was designed to give residents a platform for showcasing their cookery skills as well as develop some entrepreneurship skills in showcasing their items to fellow residents. There were many game stalls for kids.

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This time Onam celebration was also added along with it. Block wise Athappoo (flower carpet) competition was held. Mahabali (the King) came as a procession with the Chendamelom and saw his ‘countrymen’ and judged the Athapoo. Following which there was the typical Onam games like Vadom Vali (Tug of War) and Uriyadi (Pot Hitting). Onam Sadya was served in the afternoon on authentic banana leaves with around 20 dishes. Later part of the day saw the height of the events which included Thiruvathira dance by ladies of Purva Sunshine, Singarimelom performed by artists from Kerala followed by Theyyam. In addition there were many dance programs and music events followed by a live DJ music and dance.

“HABANA is going to be a continuous event in the coming years in Purva Sunshine. All Residents have accepted it as a must to have event and they are only waiting for its announcement dates. Cultural events are always the face of an association. We would be better known by HABANA more than the various efforts we had put in other activities“, said Pradeep Kumar, Association President and Cultural Committee head. “The enthusiasm from grown-ups as well as the Kids for HABANA is much appreciated. This was one of the biggest festivals in Purva Sunshine“ said Shweta Prasad, Cultural committee member.

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