A start up to help start ups

Two years ago, a direct selling company, RMP Infotech got its website redesigned adding new marketing initiatives, that subsequently increased company’s visibility to new customers. Likewise there are businesses, mostly Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) with minimal online presence or totally offline and there is a dire need to bring them online for their growth, says Sangeeta Dilip who was instrumental in redesigning the website. 

Sangeeta Dilip. Pic courtesy: Sangeeta Dilip

Bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, Bangalore based Sangeeta, 27,  saw opportunity in this segment and found startupfreak.com to help offline SMEs go online. She left Wipro Technologies in 2009 and pursued an year course on entrepreneurship at IIM, Bangalore.

Sangeeta thinks that any business should have an online presence for growth. She adds, “We also research on basic issues on starting and sustaining business and write about them (on our website). Entrepreneurs can use it as a guide.”

She mentions one example. She published a detailed article about registering a company on her website after hearing about the problem faced by real entrepreneurs. 

Startupfreak.com carries a host of information to help startups with online marketing and using social media like Facebook effectively. Startupfreak.com is free. Sangeeta gets revenues from trainings and workshops.

Sangeeta is also building a repository of entrepreneurs in her website and in future, she plans to connect investors with the entrepreneurs listed and earn profit there.

Women entrepreneurship

Sangeeta feels that when a woman starts a business, they are taken seriously and sometimes trusted more than men. She advises women to stop cribbing about gender bias problems. She adds, “Bangalore has large number of women start-ups. Therefore, all of us should understand that women are influential too, one just need to be professional.”

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