Sarakki junction garbage mess, who’s responsible?

At the busy Sarakki junction, early morning traffic jams come with an additional problem – garbage piled up by the informal market set up by vendors. The vehicles coming from JP Road, Kanakapura, Banashankari go through this junction.

This informal market has been operational at this junction for thirty years now. It is set up every morning at around 6am and is shut down by around 9am. It has survived despite the fact that Sarakki has two other designated market areas.

Garbage piled up in Sarakki junction. Pic: Sankar C G

When the vendors wind up for the day, they leave the garbage behind, spilling on the roads, inconveniencing the commuters and shopkeepers around the areas. “The dirty and slippery road affects our business. Our customers are reluctant to come to our office due to dirts,” says Nazim M, an office staff of Majestic developers, Sarakki Junction. He adds that the pourakarmikas also don’t clear up the garbage regularly.

The residents have complained to the BBMP Health Officer, Shivakumar S I. He acknowledges that there have been complaints.  He says the garbage has become unmanageable because the number of people using the market has gone up over the years. “We have already discussed the issue with BBMP and will find a permanent solution to solve the issue shortly,” he says.

Pourakarmikas say they cannot clear the garbage earlier because the garbage keeps piling up till the traders go home at 9am.

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