HSR Layout gets greener

On June 9th, HSR Layout 19th Main was bustling with a group of people who got together for a green drive. This was not the first such drive in Bangalore. Balbir Bora, an environmentalist and an engineer along with Kapil Sharma and several others formed an organisation called ‘Say Trees’ in 2009 and have been organizing such tree planting drives around Bangalore.

Children volunteering in the event. Pic: Say Trees

What was interesting about this event in HSR Layout was the huge number of young volunteers that turned up. The children helped us in digging, securing the tree guards and watering the saplings. 

We gathered at 7:30 am and ensured all the 100 saplings were planted. Another environmental friendly group, with their ‘Go Green’ T-shirts cycled to the venue and joined the event.

HSR Layout residents planting saplings. Pic: Say Trees

BBMP, not only provided the saplings for the drive, but also helped in planting the saplings. MLA Satish Reddy also participated in the event. Next time you are in HSR Layout, take a look at this lane, I am sure a smile will cross your face.

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