No response from BBMP control rooms?

BBMP has listed control room numbers for disaster management on its official website. Unfortunately these lines either do not work or there is no response. I had lodged a complaint (Complaint no: 197) with BBMP (South Office) on May 11 for clearing the branch of the tree that had fallen due to heavy rain, which was promptly cleared within couple of hours.

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It has been more than 10 days and the branches cut are thrown across my compound facilitating to make it a dump yard. Irony is that BBMP Porakarmikas who clean the road, dump all the debris in the same place, instead of clearing them. The Forest Department of BBMP has to clear this. People walking on 18th cross road, 16th Main of BSK II stage are frightened to walk across this tree as the tree swings with broken branches precariously.

Numerous calls to the control room resulted in the usual "Ivattu Kalisteevi sir" (We shall send them in today).

This is the similar state in and across BSK II stage. My question is why should BBMP unnecessarily showcase that they are well equipped and available when there is absolutely no response from their side? Do you think we deserve to be treated like this?

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  1. Dear Mr Raghunandan,

    Can you call your corporator and ask him/her to push the complaint to see what happens? Let the corporator visit the spot also.

    I realise that corporators do not inpsire confidence these days, however, please give this a shot and let us know. Post an update comment under this article itself.


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