Don’t stop playing because of the sun

With every day of this summer getting hotter, our motivation to get out, take a walk or sweat it out is declining. Be it Football, tennis, cricket or netball, it’s just getting too hot to play. The summer vacations have started and now everyone is looking for ways to excercise, energise and be entertained. And what better way to do that than spending a day at an indoor sports arena close to where you live?

Indoor Games. Pic Courtesy: XLR8

Accelerate and run

Situated on the Hennur – Begalur Main Road lies your first choice- the XLR8 Indoor Sports Arena. Here’s a place that is constantly bustling with events, sports enthusiasts, and friendly staff. The arena offers their hi-tech facilities to individuals, families and groups of people with prior bookings. With specialised courts for sports ranging from cricket to hockey to football, the courts can be adjusted to suit the sport on demand. Other facilities include car parking, refreshments and washrooms. In other words, its an ideal day’s get away for a hot summer’s day whether it is with your family or friends.

“At XLR8, the facilities are very good, the organising is done well, and the midnight tournaments are a lot of fun and competitive,“ says 18-year-old, Brishti Bagchi who has participated in a number of football events at XLR8 over the past few years.

With constant updates on their Facebook page and on their informational website, one can keep track of upcoming events and games with details on games, registration fee and contact details. Once you’ve decided what you want to play, gather your team, and get yourself registered, and pay your fee once you get to the venue.

Families looking to go to the arena can call and register, giving details on what you want to play and for how long.

Prices may vary from sport to sport and usually fees are paid for each team registered. So with each member paying between R.s.150-200 for registration, you’re bound to enjoy the facilities!

However, whatever sport it is, rules change once you’re in an indoor sports arena. If a group of you want to play football for example, you have to remember that a maximun of 7 members per team are allowed. If you  are a family or corporate group looking to enjoy a day, or even looking to go there often, applying for memberships are an option.

Ride, roll and climb

Your second choice lies off Sarjapur Road at Play X Games Arena. At this arena too, both adults and children can choose from a wide range of adventure and indoor sports. Skate-boarding, wall climbing, remote control car racing and archery are some of the sports you can choose from.

There are many facilties that are yet to arrive at Play, but with what is being offered presently, and the quality of their equipment, there is lots to look forward to, and you’re bound to have a gala time.

With prices varying from Rs.150 to 780 depending on the sports you choose to play, with a group of people pooling in, you’re bound to enjoy! All details are available on their website, and with a little research, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. Packages are also available where a group of games are clubbed together for both families and corporate groups.

Tug of war. Pic Courtesy: XLR8

Those who are more adventurous and willing to sweat it out can still get their adrenalin rush running across the dusty grounds of Bengaluru.

Cycling trips are also a possibility, or a day or weekend trek to a spot on the outskirts of Bengaluru. With parks like Cubbon park and Lalbagh, one always has the opportunity to engage in recreational activities, but escaping the sun is hard, and your best option might just be to drive or cycle down to the nearest sporting arena to get those arms and legs moving!

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