Perfect choice for late night travel

As I wait for the Chennai bound Kaveri Express at Bangalore City station on Platform-5, a train enters Platform 6 at 11:15 pm which is announced as Bangarpet-Bangalore Express. A closer look at it reveals it is only an Express for namesake as it looks more like a passenger train.

This Express train leaves Bangarpet at 9:20 PM and crosses through the IT sector stations of Bangalore, the Whitefield and Krishnarajapuram and reaches Bangalore city junction at 11:20 pm.Normally after 10 pm, the bus frequency reduces and people on their way back home from office may be too tired to ride their vehicles.

This train is an ideal solution to commute and avoid all the muddle, your vehicle can be parked at Majestic station in the morning and you can ride it back after a relaxed travel in the train, as it arrives late night in the city, you do not have to worry about the crowd, which means you can close your eyes for sometime and unwind.

A keen observation lets out an interesting discovery- the train which arrives at 11:15 pm departs to Mysore at 11:55 pm- it is a convenient journey even if you stay in far off suburbs on mysore road and is a suitable mode of transport to reach home rather than drive through the 40 kms after a tiring day-of course since the 1st leg of journey is a Express you will be charged the same Express fare all through till your destination. The unreserved Express fare from Whitefield to Bangalore city is Rs 17 and up to bidadi the fare is Rs 23 (Source

Considering that it is going to arrive in the late evening, this train is quite a boon to reach to the city centre or mysore road outskirts in the late hours.

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  1. Thanks to Siddarh S for sharing the experience of Train tarvell in Bangalore
    This is where we are demanding to GoK & Indian Railways to introduce full fledge Commuter Rail / Local Trains for Bnaglore & its suburbs like Doddballpur, Chikballapur, Bangarpet, Bidadi, Tumkur, Hosur, Nelamanagala on existing tracks with further addiotnal required infrastruture.
    Unfortunately our MP’s & MLA’s are busy in scratching others back and not worried about citizens diffciulties
    Sanjeev V Dyamannavar

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