NPS Koramangala hasn’t paid up the lease amount

Debt-ridden BBMP is unable to retrieve Rs 12,68,030 from National Public School (NPS), Koramangala, for the 7,166 sqft of land it leased.

A Right to Information(RTI) reply, sought by MVK Anil kumar and RTI activist from Koramangala, indicates that NPS at Ejipura Ward, near NGV has possession of more than 7000 square feet of BBMP’s land but till date the rent has not been paid.

Nearby the school land, there is a strip of land measuring 7166.66 square feet. This land has twin 3 meters underlying sewage pipeline laid by BWSSB. NPS wanted to take up the maintenance of this land and convert it into a parking area. BWSSB did not have any objections to this plan. On 6th July, 2003, K Gopalakrishna, Chairman of NPS wrote a letter to BBMP seeking permission to maintain that strip of land.

Later on 8th March, 2004 BBMP’s Tax and the Finance committee in their proceedings agreed for five-year lease at Rs 5,68,128 per year. BBMP later revised the lease period to three years and said that the land cannot be used for anything but for parking vehicles. It is not clear why the lease period was changed.

Permanent compound wall around the leased land. Pic: Abhishek Angad

But NPS asked BBMP to reduce the lease amount stating the land was going to be used only as a parking lot, for which the fixed amount was too high. Eventually on 25th June, 2005, Tax and Finance committee agreed to give a 50% concession and finally the lease amount was fixed at 2,84,064 per year.

But later records show that the school did not pay the lease amount between 2003 – 2007. BBMP tried to get the money back but in vain. On 24 Feb 2007, BBMP issued a notice to NPS asking them to to pay a total amount of Rs 9,83,966 for the period between 17 July 2003 to 31 March 2007 plus the deposit amount. However no action was taken. Again a final notice was sent a year later, June 2008 to pay an amount of Rs 12,68,030 (Rs 9,83,966 plus July 2007-June 2008’s rent) or else the lease will be cancelled. But till now there seems to be no action.

NPS has also built a permanent fence around the land, against the lease terms that said – no construction.

Since then the matter was discussed only once in BBMP council but there seem to be no action at all, according to Anil Kumar.

Citizen Matters contacted BBMP’s Joint Commissioner, South Zone- A B Hemachandra and he was aware of the situation and says that the newly appointed Deputy Commissioner of this zone, Bheemaiah is looking after the matter. He adds, "Our previous Deputy Commissioner had two hearings with NPS . We are still assessing the situation and a quick action will be taken."

When Citizen Matters went to the school to inquire on the matter, the school authorities acted cagey and refused to comment. They even obstructed the reporter from taking pictures of the controversial strip of land.

Illegal entrance via NGV

Citizen Matters had earlier reported that NPS had built an entrance to the school via National Games Village (NGV) creating traffic chaos within residential complex. Residents of the Kapila block close to the entrance complain that NPS authority pay NGV’s security to manage the traffic during the school days. Residents worry that their security might get compromised because of this.

Anil Kumar, says that it’s a poor conduct from the school. He says, "This is an institution where students are groomed to better citizens. Today the same institution practises malafide intentions, how can they produce [good] quality students."

Citizen Matters has all the documents cited in the article.

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