Restaurants clogging up sewage pipes?

Koramangala 1st block, 1st cross, has sewage water overflowing on the roads. The overflow leaves an unbearable stench. This problem has been persisting for over four months now.

Residents believe that garbage dumped inside the sewage drains by the restaurants around and the nearby Sulabh public toilet, is causing it to overflow. BWSSB says the pipeline carrying the sewage is too narrow to carry the load and the problem is being examined.

Dr. Malini Jayasurya, a resident, says, "we have complained several times to BWSSB. They come, charge money, clean up and go. The next day, situation is the same." She added that she has lost count of the number of complaints and payments done to the BWSSB but it has not been resolved yet. The complaints to the restaurant managers have also not yielded any results.

Rajesh Shetty, Manager, Udupi Upahar says, "we have complained to the BWSSB and they said the pipeline carrying the sewage is damaged. They will repair it soon." He however denies dumping waste into the sewage pipes. "We have filters fitted in the sink. No garbage chunk can pass through that," he says.

Ashok Singh, worker at Sulabh Toilet says, "whenever the pipeline overflows, I call up the BWSSB and they come and clean up. They don’t clean for free. I pay them Rs. 1500."

Workers cleaning sewage water overflow. Pic: Anisha Nair

T Venkatraju, Chief Engineer, BWSSB, says, "we are inspecting the actual cause of the overflow of sewage lines there. Once we get the reason, we will get the work sanctioned by the higher authorities and get it started. In the meantime, we are getting it cleaned regularly."

When Citizen Matters asked him about workers demanding money to do the clean up, he denied it and insisted that residents should not pay.

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  1. This problem will continue to occur if we do not address the root cause. It costs the BWSSB Rs 17 a Kilo-litre to collect,convey and treat the sewage and this is just O & M costs . We pay Rs 15 a month or 50 paise a day.
    As citizens we need to pay the full cost of water and sewage treatment AND demand that the institution then live up to a performance standard for sewage collection and treatment. In any case any sewage overflow should be attended within 1 hour by the institution.
    Otherwise this will be like putting band-aid on chickenpox .

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