‘Temporary’ situation that has lasted 2 decades

Lack of trash pickup points nearby has made 6th cross, 3rd block Koramangala near BDA complex a garbage dumping space for over 20 years now. Pourakarmikas say the garbage pickup truck comes about once a week to clear it. Devi, a pourakarmika says, "We have been dumping the garbage of the whole locality here. The BBMP truck comes and collects it whenever they want."    

Garbage dump at BDA complex, Koramangala. Pic: Anisha Nair     

The garbage menace has been bothering residents and shopkeepers alike. A tea stall owner outside the BDA complex, who did not want to be named, says, "people standing here for tea have to deal with the bad smell because of the garbage dump there."

Lakshmi Raman, a resident of Koramangala says, "we can not walk in from the 6th cross. The garbage is always all over the footpath and it stinks a lot."

BBMP however claims that this is a temporary situation. Savithri S, Environmental Engineer, Koramangala, says, "we do not have a particular pickup point in Koramangala 3rd block so it is the temporary pickup point till the new point is decided."  

H T Bettegauda, Superintendent Engineer, South Zone, BBMP, says "I will ask the Environmental Engineer to contact the concerned person and get the garbage cleaned right away. It will not be dumped there from now."


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  1. It’s terrible sight! Why are the streets not garbage cans? It would be easier to take them in garbage truck, which should drive every day. This is a great shame for such a beautiful city. I think that we should talk about it with children. Let them learn now that this situation endangers their health and the environment in which they live.

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