Sakala – Is Government going beyond promises?

The pilot launch of the Guarantee of Services to Citizens Act 2011 (Sakala) in Jayanagar saw only 31 applications filed. The pilot was on between March 1st to March 31st at the Jayanagar Revenue office.

Jayanagar Revenue Office where Sakala was piloted.
Pic: Abhishek Angad

The number 31, however contradicts the government figure of 72, 505 applications for the same period. The office covers four BBMP wards (168-171).

An official on conditions of anonymity explained why the numbers were so low. "Here we have minimum three days to deliver services. People prefer availing Bangalore One services as their delivery model is quicker," he said.

The Act has been implemented in the entire state from April 2nd.

What is the Act for?

The Act is to help citizens get government services without hassles and on time, and to hold government officials accountable. It covers all government bodies, public sector companies and non-government bodies financed by government.

What are the services covered under the Act?

The Act covers 151 services under 11 departments. These include issue of khatas, ration cards, permission for holding protests etc. Check the procedure for getting different services at

Who are authorities under the Act?

  • Designated Officers (DOs): Specific officers designated for providing each services .
  • Competent Officers (COs): Officers whom you can appeal to if DO does not provide the service.
  • Appellate Authority (AA): Deputy Secretary or above who can take action if the CO does not respond.

For different services, different time limits are set for DOs to deliver it, and for COs and AAs to dispose the appeals.

For example, if you want to get a driver’s license, the DO for this is the RTO / Assistant RTO. If they do not issue license within the deadline of 30 days, you can complain to Deputy Commissioner of Transport (DCT) who is the CO for this service. If the DCT does not dispose your appeal within his 15-day deadline, you can complain to Joint Commissioner of Transport (JCT), who is the AA. JCT has to respond to your appeal in 30 days.

What’s new when applying for a service?

In every DO office, there will be a board displaying information on services and how to apply for them. On submitting the application, you will get an acknowledgement slip with date of delivery of service, and an acknowledgement (GSC) number. You will get an SMS once your request is processed. If your application is incomplete, the acknowledgment will mention this and not give a date of delivery. If the application is rejected later, DO has to record the reason for that. You can check your application status using GSC number at or by calling the helpline 44554455. In case of delay, you can file complaint at the helpline or mail

What if I do not get an acknowledgement or the service itself?

You can file an appeal with the CO within 30 days of default/denial of service; appeal does not require any payment. You have to fill this form and submit information about your application.

What relief can you get?

CO will acknowledge your application, hold hearings and get the service delivered. He will also give compensation within 30 days of your appeal. Compensation is Rs 20 per day of default of service, at maximum of Rs 500 per application. This amount will later be recovered from DO. Only if DOs are habitual offenders will their lapses be recorded in service records.

What if my appeal is rejected or I do not get a satisfactory order?

You can file a second appeal with the Appellate Authority (AA) within 30 days of CO’s order. You have to submit:

  • Self attested copy of the CO order.
  • Copy of documents mentioned in the appeal.
  • AAs may hold hearings with DO/ CO, get compensation levied from them, order departmental enquiries, or even appoint another officer to investigate the issue.

Can I go to court instead?

No. Civil courts do not have jurisdiction in these cases. But CO and AA have the same powers as Civil Court in terms of demanding documents for inspection and holding hearings. AA’s order will be final.

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  1. I have got benefited – I cannot believe that this can happen in India – SAKALA is only solution for corruption free india. I have got immdiate response and support from SAKALA team even though i live in UK.The IAS Officer Dr. Shalaini Rajneesh and her team is providing result oriented service to Kranataka citizens. God Bless SAKALA team.

  2. I would like to know when the citizens apply for the services required by them, the Govt. can take all applications under sakala automatically OR we have to specify the same in the application form itself. Pleasse clarify at the earliest

  3. my khata number in gmpalya is same as someone else in byrasandra.. see how BBMP can make a mess of the khata number

    despite my best efforts to rectify this with the local bbmp office and in the range office, it is yet to be corrected

    wonder if my next tax payment due will be smooth unlike the last year

    keeping my fingers crossed
    thats how BBMP works

    god forbid

  4. i reside in gm palya, of cv raman nagar constituency.
    my neighbour hood site which is empty is full of garbage and the likelihood of dengue, chickengunia and such other deceases are sure to affect us immediate neighbours. my efforts to make the local corporate’s husband mr vijayakumar is in vain

    how do we the honest citizens make these useless corporators act promptly is the biggest question.

    i would like the BBMP to visit the site and ensure that the place is kept clean by the owner of the site
    i have read in times of india, that the BBMP does some clean up work on vacant sites and charge the owner of the site accordingly as a fine

    kindly act on my complaint asap.


  5. to add> preferably, it should help if it be a comprehensive further write-up, that would clear all such doubts the recent media reports have unwittingly or otherwise given rise to.

  6. Wah, Wah ! Great News for citizens, al bundled in a fine neat pack !

    Sorry, but one is left with a grave doubt on one worrisome item – i.e. khata.

    One has all along been, for quite some time now,under the belief that it was BBMP who is the authority for the whole of the city, with exclusive powers to issue khata, so also other related items such as, completion certificate, occupancy certificate, so on.

    Will the author of the write-up mind to clarify !

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