Movie time for kids

EntertainKids is a group working to make entertainment reachable to underprivileged children. If your question is "Why entertainment?", my answer is that food, shelter and education were not my only necessities as a child; I loved watching movies too!

EntertainKids tries to bring some fun in the lives of underprivileged children, and also motivate them towards education.

We plan to achieve this by:

• Getting access to children by connecting with government schools, NGOs, orphanages etc. We are in talks with many organisations including Friendship Foundation, Hope Foundation, Sparsh, Runner’s High, Ananya Summer camp and UW Bengaluru.

• Getting cinema halls, theatres, circuses etc to conduct shows specifically for children regularly.

• Arranging funds for such events.

As a first step, we have arranged a movie show for 180 children from four centers of the NGO Sparsh on 1st April 9 am at Galaxy Theatre inside Airforce campus, Jalahalli. We are taking children to the movie C/O footpath which revolves around their own lives. It is an inspiring movie about a child who makes a living picking up and selling rags. He takes up a personal challenge to attend school and gets educated.

Movies touch a child’s heart more easily. We hope this one can be a life-changing event for many children and will increase their interest in educating themselves, give them a fun-filled Sunday and enrich their creativity.

We have got much support from the director and actor of the movie Master Kishan Shrikanth, who was named the youngest director in the Guiness book of records for this movie. He and his parents, who are the film’s producers, have given us the movie reel free of cost, for the show.

Another Kannada actress Jayalaxmi Patil will attend the show with the children. Many people including Sparsh’s Founder R Gopinath have contributed in some way.

I had been thinking of taking up this initiative for the last few years when I used to download animated movies for children in an orphanage in Baroda. Children used to enjoy it and would request to be taken for a movie in a cinema hall.

I moved to Bangalore last year and since then have been looking forward to working with children here. Being part of a course from Landmark Education was a trigger to take this step. I would like to thank my friends, family, colleagues and Landmark team for their tremendous support for this cause.

You can join us at movie screening or sponsor tickets for children, by registering at The tickets cost Rs 50 each, and can be bought at the venue. In case of queries, please contact

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