Pour your heart out on radio

Radio has become a constant companion to Bangaloreans, thanks to traffic jams. Radio stations are striving to set themselves apart with clever marketing and different kinds of programmes. Radio Indigo, 91.9 has launched one such programme – Heartline. It was launched on Valentine’s day, last month.

Heartline is a programme that helps people sort out their personal relationship problems with the help of experts. Dr Shyam K Bhat and presenter Teja host this show. Dr Bhat (MD) is a certified psychiatrist and Integrative Medicine specialist.

Dr Bhat believes that Heartline aims to be the programme that speaks to the youth and address their challenges so they can achieve their highest potential. "Younger people in India are living in a time of unprecedented social change – there is greater freedom and opportunity, but also a greater pressure on individuals to really understand themselves, and to learn to balance career and personal life aspirations," says Dr Bhat.

The show airs Tuesday from 10 pm to 11 pm.
If you have questions for the expert, you can call in at 080-2550-2919 or sms at 52919. One can even email heartline@radioindigo.in or even join the ‘Radio Indigo FM’ facebook page

Sophia Purushotaman, who conceived the idea of this show, thinks that it is a great idea to solve people’s problem live on a radio. "It makes for a great radio if done properly." she says. "It is really difficult for the younger generation to talk about things that have only recently become non-taboo." She says that she wanted to give young people a space where they can get credibly, trustworthy advice.

Sophia has worked as a Producer/reporter/presenter with BBC world service radio for eight years. She has also developed and managed media HIV campaigns for BBC for 4 years. Her other credits include developing mass media campaigns for NGOs and working as a news presenter at a commercial news station in Thailand.

Other similar radio programme that focuses on solving personal problems of Bangaloreans is Love Guru on Radio City, 91.1.

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