KSPCB acts tough on stone cutting units

On 24 February, the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB) called for a hearing on the basis of the complaints given by the residents of the Brigade Palm Springs, JP Nagar 7th phase, against the noise caused by granite cutting and polishing units functioning in their neighbourhood.

Residents of Brigade Palm Springs at KSPCB office. Pic: Deepthi M S.

The residents had given a written complaint to Environment officer, South one on 6 February. JP Nagar, where these factories are situated comes under the jurisdiction of South One department.

The complaint was against Ashwini Granites, Alankar Granites and Vijaya Granites, which are situated near the apartments. The complaint letter also carried a letter signed by around 65 residents of Brigade Palm Springs. Citizen Matter has a copy of the letter.

At the hearing, Sadiq Ahmed, Senior Environmental Officer, said that the units were operational in a residential area without obtaining land conversion certificate of the board and they should be moved out.

After the hearing, a Notice of Proposed Action (NPD) was issued to the granite owners. A copy of the NPD would also be sent to BESCOM.

Once the factories get the NPD, they will have 15 days to commit , in writing, to a date by which they will be moving out. After that, the factories will get a maximum of one month time to vacate.

If the granite factory owners choose to ignore the NPD, even after 15 days, the Environment Officer will be forced to take legal action. Power supply would be cut off and subsequently they would be forcefully vacated.

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  1. Machines are still running there is no imapact of Supreme court orders neither of KSPCB Notice. Even KSPCB told that if they will not move out in 1 month power supply will be disconnected. but now around 6 month is over they are enjoying india. looks like there is no law here

  2. Dear Sir..
    One machine is still running .There is no impact of notice still sucking blood of nearby Residents

  3. Dear sir,

    Due to CM team effort 2 machines has stopped the operation but still one is running
    Even the deadline is over.

  4. Dear CM Team,
    Could you please make pressure on KSPCB so that they will take any action aginst them Dead line was April but still these are running without any issue

  5. Dear Sir,
    Machines are still enjoying the democracy of India. seems we common people don’t have right to live in India now.

  6. Dear Sir,

    There is no impact on these machine still sucking the blood of residents.
    I don’t know if there is any law and order in Bangalore or not. Where we common people go. even after media interference in this matter.

  7. Dear Sir,

    Now Dead line of April is also over but there is no impact still machines owner enjoying the independence of India.Machines are running 24*7. Many time notices are issued to them but they didn’t stopped. People are suffering from Severe noise pollution but they don’t care because it is independent India and no one listens the common man. lot of kids and old age persons are there in surrounding there is severe health impact on them but who cares? Only common person can have last hope on media. I don’t know till how many years we have to suffer like that or we will die in in this situation only…

  8. 1 month is over but there is no impact on stone cutting factories still operating

  9. 1 month is over but there is no impact on stone cutting factories still operating

  10. Thanks a lot Deepthi and entire citizen matters team for covering this Really you people are doing tremendous job and hearing the common people voice.
    Once again thanks a lot..

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