What men think

An entire day dedicated to celebrating womanhood. She’s egged on to claim her rights, her individuality, to embrace her womanhood, buy jewellery, go to spas and celebrate. What does the ‘other half’ of the population think of this celebration? Do they embrace it or do they question it?

Deepak R. Pic: Anisha Nair

Deepak R, 24, consultant, Electronic City
"In today’s age men and women are considered equal. They both support each other in every spectrum of life. They walk shoulder to shoulder in every field and so this day is important to let them know that they are great achievers."

Col. Devbrat Ohri, 48, Recruitment Leader, Hebbal
"Socially and culturally our country is biased towards men and it needs to be balanced as our country grows. This day helps us realize their importance in our lives."

Aritra Sarkhel, 23, Mission road
"Be it women’s day, father’s day, dog day, cat day. The list goes on. Celebrating specific days don’t give any particular impetus to the cause of women upliftment or any other motive. It’s just a hyperbole where we decide to celebrate and bring forwards issues. If we do have to work towards any cause, then just work towards it rather than celebrating days."

Abhishek Chakraborty, 31, Software Engineer, Indiranagar

"The role of a woman is very important in a society. But it is insane to attribute this only on a particular day. Dedicating a day to her will not make a difference. Instead, show her that you care for her everyday and you wouldn’t need a day to make her feel special. But yes, taking an initiative for this attitude, women’s day can be considered."

Ram Chandran. Pic: Anisha Nair

Ram Chandran, 39, HR, Old Airport Road
This day is celebrated for the inclusiveness of women. And it can be used to launch a lot of women centric programs and encourage a lot of participation from women all over. A tribute to the way women are growing in every field these days."

Vijaykumar Jiandani, 45, Restaurant Businessman, Cooks Town
"In today’s hustle and bustle, people have forgotten the importance of women in their lives. Like we need valentine’s day to make our love special, friendship day to make our friends feel special, we do need a women’s day to make all the women in our life feel special. Though I never really get any special gifts for my wife on this day!" (looks at wife and grins)

Raju, 19, Cook, Koramangala
"Women’s day is necessary like any other day that is celebrated. It feels good to give a tribute to the mothers, wives, sisters and daughters in our life for what they have done for us. The only sad part is we have to gift them something or the other on this occasion every year. Thank God for the fact that my girlfriend does not know of this day so far." (Grins)

Kiran Madathel. Pic: Anisha Nair

Kiran Madathel, 20, Software Engineer, Koramangala
"The concept of women’s day is important even today. The way women are treated even today is really shocking. This day may at least help people in realising women’s worth. And this day can bring many changes in the long run if used in the best manner."

Pushpak Bisen, 29, Software consultant, Sarjapur
"Well, this day is very important for women. They can express their views against society. Also this day can be used to address social issues about women, like misbehaviour, domestic violence. They can get together and raise voice against it."

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