Do you know where to find Jakkai?

Incense sticks, camphor, vermilion are the items that we normally associate with Grandhige Angadis. But these stores known for stocking up on all things related to pooja, are also the treasure trove of folk medicines.

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That brown bark to cure the acidity or that seed to fix the cough, these Grandhige Angadis are the place to find the ingredients for grandmother’s sure shot home remedies.

Some of these shops are decades old and the shopkeepers can practically prescribe these folk medicines. "I am here for the past 20 years, I have learned many things about the roots and its medicinal value from my father. We have roots and seeds which can cure cold, cough within a day. We also have cures for kids suffering from indigestion or stomach cramps," says M Lokesh, owner of one such store.

Common items found in Grandhige Angadis & their usage

  • Alalekai (Kadukka, Myrobalan)- helps in soothing wounds, ulcer, inflammation, cough
  • Taarekaayi (Beach Almond) – cough, insomnia, vomiting, ulcer
  • Nagasampige (Iron wood tree) – Asthma, skin, vomiting, Dysentry, Piles
  • Chakke (Cinnamon) – Bronchitis, Asthma, Cardiac disorder, fever
  • Nellikkai (Gooseberry) – good for cough, diabetes, cold, laxative, hyper acidity etc
  • Jakkai (Nutmeg) – is used to cure chronic dysentery, cough, head ache, running nose, tooth ache, pimples, body pain
  • Kesari (Saffron) -helps in spasmodic disorders, used for treating skin ailments, fevers, improves eyesight
  • Oma (Ajwain) – stomach discomfort
  • Lavanga (Clove) – it is used to cure muscular cramps, nausea, throat irritation, headache
  • Thin mango barks – used as chewing sticks to help clean teeth

Arjun Pooja Stores opposite Anjaneya Temple, Hosur main road, Madiwala
Sri and Lakshmi Pooja Stores opposite Anjaneya Temple, Hosur main road,
Madiwala Shri Ragavendra grandhige store: #58/3, 1st main, Vasu building, Hosur Main Road, Madiwala
Sree Pooja Stores at #65/1, near Anjaneya Temple, Hosur Main Road, Madiwala
S Parvathamma’s shop opposite to Parangipalya bus stand, HSR Layout.

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