Pawan Kumar crowd funding Lucia

Pawan Kumar the director of the successful film Lifeu Ishtene might just show ‘Gandhinagar’ that pedigree and stars don’t matter.

He plans to produce his second film Lucia using crowd funding. He had earlier expressed his frustration about no takers for his second film. His fans and friends on Facebook and reacted to it and many suggestions started coming his way.

In his own words "was bombarded with emails, smses, pings, chat posts etc etc. Everyone coming together to pour in ideas and solutions. Majority of them have suggested to open a public funding and produce the film with the help of the audience!"

The crowd funding concept has worked in the past especially in the West. Wikipedia describes crowdfunding as a collective of people pooling in money to support initiatives of individuals or organisations. This has worked for charity, music shows and even films. Crowd funding is usually mobilised via internet.

In India the movie I Am, released in 2011, was partly crowd funded. Over 400 people from across world co-produced the film.

Kumar is attempting to do the same with Lucia. He plans to raise 50 lakh rupees by selling tickets to a movie that is yet to be made. At the time of writing this report he had already sold his first ticket workd 100$.

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  1. hi sir..i watched ur shoe on public tv…i would like to join u…and i hv already worked wit u in film lifu isthene for 2 days….ill be waiting for ur reply so plz plz get me in to your troupe 🙂

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