‘I never work for awards’

An individual who leaves his personal agenda aside can work very well with the Government bodies, feels Narahari Mukund, Jayanagar resident.

This he says from experience as he has been working to resolve civic issues in Jayanagar 5th block. He has lived there for 45 years.

passion towards the civic society helped me to write problems that public faced in the society” says Narahari Mukund. Pic: Vijayalakshmi P

48-year-old Mukund has been part of traffic committee for a over a year now. He regularly collected information public grievances on traffic situation and presented to the traffic department. He is also a member of managing committee of Jayanagar Study center where they offer lectures on subjects like Science, Civic issues, advocacy, Government Policies, etc.

It is passion towards the community that led him involve himself in the civic activism. Mukund works as a project Manager at Management and Executive Search Consultancy for 25 years now.

Mukund joined as the Joint Secretary at the Citizen Action Forum in 2008. He along with the other members started a forum ‘Abhivruddhi’ , where senior Government officials would directly interact with the public and solve their problems then and there.

Where do you get your motivation for activism and public work?

My passion towards the civic society helped me and motivated me to write problems that public faced in the society. You live in the society, if the society is facing a problem and waiting for someone else to speak against the issue is not the right way to tackle things. Once I had to catch a bus from Jayanagar to reach my destination, I waited for a long time, and I didn’t find any. Later I complaint the transportation problem to the BMTC and now I am happy to say that we have enough bus facility to reach corners of Bangalore from Jayanagar.

Can you cite any significant impact caused by your actions?

Education for the poor, restructuring Jayanagar Hospital, resolving BMTC bus issues are some of the issues that I have worked on. With Government officials we managed to bring in four Bangalore One Centres in Jayanagar.

Any awards in professional work?

No, I never work for awards, I just work and serve society for self satisfaction. As far as management is concerned, I have won many awards behalf of my Company for my services and best Co-ordination work.

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