Signs of suicide and how to help

A person talking about futility of life or inability to face stress should be taken seriously. Steps to prevent suicides have to be taken at different levels.

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At community level, it includes education, destigmatising psychiatric illness, screening and treatment. Education includes individual and public awareness, professional awareness and counseling. At the family level, love, understanding and support can help people cope.

Earliest signs of depression or any other psychiatric disorder should be taken seriously and treated. Any mention of suicidal thought or talk should not be ignored.

Teachers, counselors and parents have to join hands to detect earliest signs of childen not being able to cope up. Religious and spiritual leaders have an important role to play.

Where does one go for help?

NIMHANS is a useful resource for help. Besides this, SAHAI helpline is available from 9 am to 6 pm with trained volunteer counselors at 080-25497777.

A number of psychologists and psychiatrists are listed on Just Dial and Sulekha yellow pages. Rajajinagar has a helpline: Suicide Helpline, # 546/46, 4th Block, 6th Main, Rajajinagar, Bangalore, 560010. Phone Number:+91-80-65000111, +91-80-65000222 (Sourced from internet)

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