Jayanagar gets waste converter

An organic waste converter plant has been set up at Jayanagar 3rd block, next to the Veterinary Hospital. All the wet waste collected from houses, hotels, market and parks in Jayanagar will now be treated at this unit.

Jayanagar Waste converter. Pic: Deepthi M S

This solid waste management unit built at `40 lakhs, collects organic waste, processes them and converts them into organic manure. Minister R Ashoka, inaugurated the unit on 19th January.

BBMP is distributing red and green coloured bins to around 1500 houses in Jayanagar. Residents are asked to put in their dry waste such as paper, glass and plastic into the red coloured basket and wet waste like remains of vegetables and fruits to the green coloured basket.

The dry waste would be collected twice every week, whereas the wet waste would be collected everyday.

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  1. Hope that facilities such as these that were set up months ago in Bangalore are now put to good use – run efficiently with firm rules and maintained properly

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