Namma Metro: No safety, very unfriendly

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am a daily office commuter on Metro Reach one between Baiyappanahalli to MG road. I would like to bring to your attention the following issues:


The work of the private contract guards when checking bags is inconsistent. The guard assigned to body check does not wave the handheld scanner properly for all passengers. Those assigned to bag check does not use the scanner inside the bags always and sometimes lets off commuters by simply taking a glance half half-heartedly inside the bag.

Security guards should follow standard procedures for all passengers. Please implement recommendations of the Bangalore Police such as using explosive detectors and trained sniffer dogs. Current security arrangement at Metro Stations, even from a layman’s perspective, appears to be weak and full of loopholes even though some gadgets like CCTV may have been installed.

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Parking and Toilets

Kindly expedite the development of parking lots at Baiyappanahalli and other stations. Even private malls have good parking systems. Most daily commuters will not hesitate to pay for daily or even hourly parking. Currently cars are being parked in a haphazard way, and some slots are located on uneven concrete slabs that would damage the underbody of cars. Parking capacity is also low – the slots are usually full by 10:30 a. m.

Two weeks back, two security guards at the parking area asked me for "Chai Paani", after pretending to set an uneven manhole slab at the corner of the four wheeler parking lot at Baiyappanahalli station. It seemed as if they had misplaced the slab deliberately so as to hold commuters at ransom. I refused to pay anything and complained to another security guard before exiting the parking lot.

It is common knowledge that a person needing to make a nature call is nervous and anxious, which could lead to unsafe behaviours when rushing to catch the train or getting off from a station. So please create some toilets (paid if required) for this reason if not for any other consideration.

Passenger Safety and Etiquette

Security guards do not make any effort to educate passengers on how to enter the gates, or encourage them to walk on the correct side, use the escalator safely by holding the side rail with one hand, giving up seats on the train, boarding and alighting protocol etc.

They should perform these value-added tasks too. Currently they restrict themselves to blowing whistles when the train arrives so that passengers stay off the yellow line.

A limited number of people should use the escalator at a time, as one fall can lead to a domino of accidents. In the absence of education, crowd will continue to behave in an unruly manner without the right attitude required to travel in a modern system like the Metro.

Travel etiquette has to be taught to passengers right away so that a healthy travel culture develops. Also one guard at each door should regulate passengers boarding and alighting from the trains till such active intervention is not necessary and passengers can self- regulate.


Till about two weeks back, there was only a disappointing "send a query" form on the BMRC website with a small text box that would generate a server error on ‘submit’. Your providing the email id is a positive step but please also extend your direct feedback channels to a blog/ social media (Facebook/Twitter/ Google Plus), like the Bangalore Traffic Police.

Kindly address the above problems at the earliest so that everyone can have a pleasant ride and use the Metro responsibly.

Thanks and regards,


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  1. Feeder buses service should improve. They should start Marcopolo / Volvo buses also on either sides. Say Majestic to MG Road and Byappanahalli to ITPL and Silkboard.

  2. I was very happy when i saw the big structures were getting constructed for Metro stations thinking there will be huge space for parking. But after service started, i found in none of the stations had parking provision. It was really a surprise, what is the need for such huge building were most portion is underutilized.
    Please answer where commuters should park their vehicles to cache Metro trains.

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