Eclectic artists, diverse medium

Alliance Francaise hosted Kaleidoscape 2011 an exhibition of paintings, photographs and sculptures by seven eclectic artists on 10th and 11th December.

Philippe Gasparini the Director of Alliance Francaise inaugurated the event.

Pic: Suja Sukumaran

Ramesh Nambiar, Pooja Surana and Adithi Sarovar presented their paintings while Chandrashekar Naik, Yatiraj M and Hemavathi S L exhibited their sculptures. The group of seven diverse thinkers with their medium and tools captured the imagination of the viewers in the gallery making it an enjoyable evening.

Pooja Suvarna a student of Chitrakala Parishath (CKP), gold medalist and rank holder in Arts was thrilled with the prospect of having her art exhibited. "The exposure is good for us. I come from a Jain community which typically does not let the girls pursue such vocations. My parents have understood and now everyone encourages me to keep doing it" she said. She has done paintings for St. Mark’s hotel and IAF cafeterias. "Art gives scope and fulfillment to the artists and students interested in it should pursue it whole heartedly," was her suggestion to upcoming artists. Adithi Sarovar also a product of CKP echoed these sentiments while talking about her colourful exhibits.

Ramesh Nambiar who moved to India from Abhu Dhabi displayed stunning , realistic portraits and scenery. His oil on canvas paintings delights the senses with their deft strokes bringing them to life. He has held several exhibitions so far. Ramesh is hoping to promote other young artists too with such collaborations.

Beautiful photography by Piyush Goswami displayed his prowess with the camera. Although he started it as a hobby now he is doing it full-time.

Chandrashekar Naik’s ‘Mount of a Dream’ a soap stone sculpture was a beautiful piece with a carved temple atop a hill. Bronze and Copper along with mixed media figures and abstract sculptures added to the diverse creativity on display by Yatiraj M and Hemavathis S L.

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