BBMP work is a nightmare for Bilekahalli residents

Ranka Colony road, off Bannerghatta road, is a good example of the city’s horrendous infrastructure. There are at least ten apartments, with around 2000 flats, along the road.

This road has been in poor condition since the last 10 years. Rainwater would enter apartments, rising up to seven feet high, damaging parked vehicles and entrapping residents. Over the years BBMP has dug the road many times, but never fixed it.

BBMP again dug up the road last year, which has only caused more trouble. A 1600-m storm water pipeline is being laid along the service lane from Bannerghatta main road to Madivala tank.

BBMP has been digging this road for over a year. Pic: Deepthi M S

Now there is no space for pedestrians to walk. On one side of the road, the drain has been left open. When it rains it is impossible for pedestrians to walk without falling onto the ground or into the drain. The work was not started on residents’ request. Despite many complaints from residents there is no improvement either, though BBMP now says that work will be completed soon.

Some shops have had to relocate from one side of the road to the other. Many accidents have occurred in this road, and many people have been badly injured. The residents have to jump across parts of the road; it is a wonder some of us are still alive.

BBMP has completed work in front of Ranka Colony apartments and are now starting work in front of Mantri Terrace apartment. Electrical poles, BSNL cables, sanitary and water supply lines will be dug up. BBMP expects us to make alternate arrangements for these until the work is complete.

Work has been going on for a year and should have been complete by now. But workers come and go as they please; they work on some days and then disappear for a few days.

Can BBMP not complete the work at a faster pace? If not, the road will be destroyed again during monsoon. BBMP should send supervisors to make sure that work is done everyday and not once in a blue moon. They should also ensure use of better equipment.

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  1. A month ago or so Highcourt has directed BBMP to remove unscientifically laid out speed breakers but that does not seem to have any effect on BBMP.
    Recently BBMP has asphalted roads in and around CV Raman Nagar like Kaggadasapura and SG Palya.
    During the road work they have newly put up speed breakers in such numbers that, in SG Palya alone for about 100 meter of road has 5 speed breakers laid out unscientifically. And its the same situation in CV Raman Nagar and Kaggadasapura, where one would find too many speed breakers within 100 meters of length of road. These speed breakers are invisible in tree shadows and during night, which leads to accidents and also sudden break leading to back problems.

    I request your kind self to take a look at this issue and minimize the no. of speed breakers and save our life.

    Thank You.

  2. Why only the reported ‘work’! Is not BBMP, the way it functions, has been proving beyond doubt, nothing but a nightmare, that too for years now, increasingly in recent times, to the gullible, the most vulnerable target, being a soft target, called ‘common man’ .For example, – see the stories given publicity in the media; and summed up for ready access, in public interest, in the Blogs @swamilook. Particularly, on topics such as- STP, RWH, DEVELOPMENT CHARGES, SO ON, RUNNING INTO A LONGWINDING LIST.

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