Residents bid farewell to the trees

Around 100 people gathered at Bhashyam Circle early on 4 December, Sunday morning to walk down the Sankey road towards Maramma Circle.

Young and old bid their farewell. Pic: Vani Murthy

It was a walk to symbolise the voice of people who fought to save the trees from the road-widening project. The court has given a go ahead for the project and people are left wondering as to what can be done to save trees that are so vital to the environment.

There were around 50 cyclists from the Go Green Club, who strongly believe that conserving the environment is so important and every citizen should do something about it.

Pedalling for the tree cover. Pic: Vani Murthy

There were residents from the nearby localities who came to show their support to saving the trees that would be axed for this project. It was heartening to see a little boy draw a tree and write a slogan “we will miss you a lot.”

It was like a farewell to the trees and to the eco-system in a beautiful locality known for its inherent natural green cover and avenue trees. If only trees could scream.

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Vani is a Malleswaram resident, passionate about zero waste management.

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