Enough is enough

Yet another accident at the junction of 24 th Main  and 22 nd Cross in HSR Layout Sector 2 , Parangipalaya area on Wednesday, 19 October.This  time a pregnant woman, Chandrakala was killed  by a reckless speeding car. In this accident, an auto rickshaw driver and a couple of other pedestrians, it is learnt, were also injured.

Hawkers on footpath and haphazard parking a bane to pedestrians. Pic: Brig R S Murthy

Two years ago a senior Army Officer  was hit and died at around the same spot. Every day pedestrians are at a risk of being hit by chaotic traffic in this choked area. Hawkers of all kinds, who have encroached the footpaths and indiscriminate parking of vehicles throughout the day are the root cause of this serious bottleneck problem.

Shifting the Bus stop elsewhere could save lives. Pic: Brig R S Murthy

These are compounded by   the Parangipalaya Bus stand being located here. The RWA had taken up the case for shifting of the bus stand almost 4 years ago. Despite repeated representations, BMTC, BBMP and the traffic police have not taken any action. Are they waiting for one more tragedy to occur before they even realise the gravity of the issue and then react?

In the interest of safety of residents, we seek intervention of the elected representatives of this area and immediate action on these infrastructure issues by concerned civic agencies.

Citizen Matters Update: The Madiwala cops say that the car involved in the accident is registered to A Anand Reddy. They are not sure if the owner was the driver at the time of the accident. The driver is still absconding.

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