Celebrate Joy of giving by giving up

That smoking kills is no news.

That smoking can cause death to your near and dear ones is also perhaps known to most.

That one out of two tobacco users is destined to die is something most of smokers would not wish to know or accept. Yet, this is what World Health organisation says. Out of the six million people who die because of tobacco use, 5 million are users and ex users. Six lakh are those who die of gift of smoke (Second hand smoking) from their near and dear ones. Almost 40 % of children breathe smoke polluted air. By 2030, 8 million people will die annually due to tobacco. One Bangalore (population) stands to be wiped out every year!

That smoking can make your life worse than death is perhaps known only to few. These are the unfortunate ones who suffer from cancer and chronic obstructive Lung Disease.

Do we realise that every puff of smoke that we inhale takes us closer to a debilitating death. Tobacco use causes more deaths, than all deaths from HIV, illegal drug use, Alcohol use, Motor vehicles injuries, suicides and murders taken together.

According to 2008 figures, The incidence of Lung cancer in India is 10.8 per 1 lakh population.
In bangalore it is 7.3 per lakh population. This is based on 2008 study. 90 % of all deaths due to Cancer in males and 80% of all deaths due to Lung cancer in females are caused by smoking. As also 90 % of all deaths due to chronic obstructive lung disease. It increases our possibility of getting Heart Disease and Stroke (Paralysis) by 2-4 times. Some of the cancers that a smoker is at risk for, apart from lung cancer, include leukemia, cancer of Bladder, Cervix, Oesophagus, Larynx, Mouth, and Stomach.

Tobacco use & smoking causes 6 million deaths every year .

The "joy of giving week" is close. Why not celebrate it with joy of giving up smoking. A good link to help quitting is http://www.smokefree.gov

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