On immunity to retired bureaucrats

There was a very disturbing news in the Times of India last week. It is about the cabinet decision to amend the Prevention of Corruption Act to give immunity to retired bureaucrats who are caught accepting bribe or have Disproportionate Assets just like serving bureaucrats. This immunity is about getting prior sanction from the government for prosecution even if the official has been caught red-handed. This is supposedly to prevent harassment to the officials from baseless charges. It is in fact a ploy to shield the corrupt who might have shared their ill gotten wealth with the mighty and powerful in the government.

The courts have time and again suggested that the immunity should be removed even for the serving bureaucrats. But successive governments both in states and the centre have repeatedly ignored it.

All responsible citizens of India should fight tooth and nail this retrogade step in eradicating corruption. They should raise their voice in public forums, write in the press, file PIL etc. and force the government in not presenting the amendment to Prevention of Corruption Act in parliament. It will go a long way in helping our future generations live in a corruption free India. Otherwise corruption in public life will continue for ever just like former Chief Minister of Karnataka, Mr.HD Kumaraswamy admitted recently in public.

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