JP Nagar school students thank pourakarmikas

The Winds of Change Civic Club, VET school, J P Nagar, Bangalore, celebrated Pourakarmika day on September 5th, 2011. The children collected money by selling newspapers, and used that funds bought some snacks to distribute to the pourakarmikas.

Students interacting with pourakarmikas. Pic Courtesy: CMCA

Students took permission from the ward office, and gathered near the ward office at the time when the pourakarmikas gather after their morning shift. The children greeted them with a ‘card’ (poster made on chart paper), said thanks for their services, and distributed the snack-packets.

The pourakarmikas thanked the children, and expressed their difficulties in keeping the streets clean. They said, "we clean the streets and wind up by afternoon. Again when we come later in the day, there are plastic bags full of garbage thrown right down the street, on the side of the road. We get shouted at by our supervisor and other residents for not keeping the street clean."

They complained about residents do not sort out the garbage before disposing. ‘Everything is mixed up – plastic, baby diapers, food, paper– it stinks so badly’

The children promised to make their families and neighbours more aware and promised to help the pourakarmikas by segregating garbage, and not throwing it on the street.

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