Bottlenecks near KR Puram hanging bridge

In his latest notes on Bangalore Traffic Police’s (BTP) Facebook page, Praveen Sood, Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic) discussed problem areas, which are known to cause commuter issues.

A snapshot of the note posted by Praveen Sood. Credit :BTP Facebook page.

Titled, ‘K R Puram problem’, in the note posted on 22nd August, Sood said that hundreds had posted on the page about the narrowing of the road under KR Puram hanging bridge while going from Hebbal towards Marathahalli, causing bottlenecks. He said that the solution to the issue was not easy as the adjacent lane to the road belonged to the Railways and it was taking time to acquire the stretch for building a road.

He added that since the last two years, BDA and the Railways were in talks to reach an agreement. While the Railways would give out a portion of their land for widening the road, BDA would give up nearby land to the Railways. The piece of land, owned by BDA is currently being occupied by a slum. They are in the process of being rehabilitated and the entire process would be complete in six months. The point of the post, he said, was to assure commuters that a solution was being worked out.

One of the commentson the note was from Udaya Kumar P L, one of the members, "Excellent and thanks for the update! The problem has existed for at least 10 years now, six more months is no big deal. The issue is not only on this side of the road, traffic piles up on the other side too is anything been done to fix that?"

In the second post, ‘Manyatha problem’, posted on the same day, Sood addressed the concerns of commuters travelling to Manyata Tech Park. He said that an agreement was reached between BDA and Manyata and construction started on the first of two underpasses which exclusively cater to traffic coming out of Manyata. In a later comment he clarified about the plan. "From Manyata right turning traffic that is going towards Hebbal will directly land on service road using subway, no stoppage of traffic and in the morning traffic coming from K R Puram side will enter diff subway from service road directly into Manyata," he said.

Balaji Subbaraman, commented on the post, "Nice job. This was the need of the hour. For the past 3 years, Manyata traffic used to take at least 30-45 minutes to come onto the ORR from the service road, going towards Hebbal side. Once the Nagawara flyover is commissioned (another 8-10 months I guess), the problem will be half solved. Kudos!!"
The two posts received favourable response from members of the page, with 85 and 12 likes respectively. Most comments were about congratulating BTP on their initiative to solve many of the hassles faced by commuters in the city.

Link to the notes


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  1. May we have an update on the current progress of widening the road below the KR Puram hanging bridge please. The situation is worsening by the day.

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