Hockey ‘B’ Division first phase matches end; second phase from August 18

Twelve hockey teams, based on the ranking in the first phase will be chosen to compete in the eleven games of the second phase. The second phase of the fixtures begin from 18th August.The matches were held at Karnataka State Hockey Stadium at Shanthinagar.
The following are the match results of the first phase from 4th August to 11th August.
4th August
1st Match: R.D.T, H.A Beat Naveen Hockey Club by 3-0
2nd Match: ASC Boys Beat Om SAI H.C, Dharwad by 7-0
5th August
Hassan H.C Beat Kodava Samaj by 4-0
6th August
1st Match: Anglo Indian Guild Beat OM SAI H.C, Dharwad by 4-1
2nd Match: SAI ‘C’ Beat Hassan H.C By 6-1
3rd Match: ASC Boys Beat Primrose H.C by 4-0
7th August
1st Match: Hassan H.C Beat Aristocrat H.C By 4-0
2nd Match : S.B.M.Jain College Beat Naveen H.C by 4-0
3rd Match: Adhiyamaan Engg College Beat Bombers H.C By 12-0
4th Match: Vidyaranyapura H.C Beat Rainbow H.C by 9-0
8th August
Vasu Sports Club, Hubli drew with Ideal Sports Club, KGF by 1 – 1
9th August
1st match: Vidyaranyapura Hockey Club Beat Ideal Sports Club ‘A’, KGF by 2 – 1
2nd match: Vasu Sports Club, Hubli Beat Rainbow Hockey Club by 3 – 1
11th August
1st match: Ideal S.C ‘A’, KGF Beat Rainbow H.C by 5-1
2nd match: Vidhyaranyapura H.C Beat Vasu Sports Club by 5-0
This information was provided by Karnataka SAtate Hockey Association.

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