Shantinagar – a haven for samosa and chaat lovers

Bengaluru is food world, everything is about food and everything is about choice. The days when there was one eatery in one area are now gone.

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Food lovers love the variety. Pic: Sherene David

Shanthinagar, once a quiet place, is now a place of booming business for small eateries. Places like Kashivishwanath, and Kolkata chaats are gaining wide popularity among the residents and is fast becoming the favorite hangouts of many students.

"I started this shop around 6 months ago," says the owner of ‘Kaashivishwanath samosa shop’. "I used to work with my uncle at the main shop, he taught me how to prepare these delicacies and today I proudly own my own branch of the shop."

There are three branches of Kashivishwanath altogether, all three with great fan following. Saurav a second year student from St. Joseph’s college says, "I am originally from Jamshedpur, and although I like the food here, I sometimes miss authentic north Indian food. But now with all these eateries here, I feel at home."  

At another  branch of the Kashivishwanath shop Gautam Kashyap, the owner says, "I have been looking after this shop for 10 years, Bangalore is now my home; It is not only the north Indians that come here. We get people from many parts of the city, we get many students too. They are all our usual customers and this is a reason for us to be open 7 days a week."

Samosas for all. Pic: Sherene David

Right across the road from this shop is ‘Kolkata famous chaats’, a small eatery for those with the spicy palate. This place is known authentic, tasty chaats. One bite and you are transported back to the busy streets of Kolkata. "My boss is originally from Kolkata." says Ravi an employee at the eatery, "all that is on the menu was learnt by him and he decided to bring the taste of Kolkata to Bangalore."  

"I love the food here, I would kill for taste like this," Says Vaseem Chaudhry, a second year student at St. Joseph’s College.

So there it is, Shanthinagar, has been tested and proved to be a food lover’s paradise.

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