Activists camp on tree to protest tree cutting on Sankey Road

Resident Welfare Associations of Malleshwaram, college students, members of Malleshwaram Swabhimana, activists and volunteers from Green Peace and Hasiru Usiru, gathered on Sankey Road yesterday to protest road widening and cutting of trees.

The Green Peace activists arrived early evening and climbed onto the surviving tree. This tree was saved from cutting when the stay order came on July 1. They tied banners saying ‘ No Trees No Future !’on it.

Activists are camping on the rain tree till the Court decides its fate. Pic: Shailaja Varma

The two activists Brikesh Singh and Shiva who climbed the rain tree will remain there till the hearing gets over in court today (Monday, 18 July)

By five in the evening people started gathering at the spot on the bund. The drum circle played while people stood on either side of the road with placards saying-‘Save trees’, Don’t cut trees, ‘Save our trees’. Flyers were given to passers by in vehicles creating awareness .

Residents, students and activists holding a candle light vigil. Pic: Shailaja Varma

As it got dark the candles were lit and people stood silently on either side of the road. A decision was taken to meet at the Malleshwaram Boys high school grounds next Sunday, since part of the playground will be acquired for road widening.

Last Sunday, a similar protest was held where 250 people gathered. Young and old participated by holding banners and placards against road widening from 18th cross to Bashyam circle. The Malleshwaram Residents’ Welfare Association (MRWA)  objected to pamphlets distributed by some persons, falsely claiming that the association was supportive of the road widening.

DINKU and Bangalore’s talented ventriloquist Indushree! “Save trees,don’t shave trees was his mantra”! Pic: Vani Murthy

The association also rubbished the claim that the protest was stage managed by outsiders. Association President Rao, said that the RWA Malleshwaram Swaabhimana Initiative has been protesting along with the Sadhashivnagar association since May 2010.⊕

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