Whitefield among the “best neighbourhoods” ?

Whitefield has no water.  Yet if all the hype surrounding it is to be believed, it is still considered one of the "best neighbourhoods" in which to live and work!

The "original" Whitefield – Forum Value Mall to Hope Farm – has always depended on borewell water supply (hence, a Borewell Road.)  However, with most of the existing borewells drying up, the remaining few have to supply water to the entire population of Whitefield.

The government has clearly stated that no new private borewells should be drilled.  But drilling continues clandestinely – and sometimes openly! Cauvery Water IV Stage seems to be a “pipe” dream (literally), with no signs of being implemented in the near future.  In such a hopeless scenario, Whitefield seems to be doomed.

Yet more and more high rises are coming up here, with sanctions being doled out generously by BBMP for multi storeyed structures. One example is the sanction given for a 100 unit apartment complex at the end of 1st Cross, off Main Road, adjacent to Food World. To gain access to this agricultural plot, the boundary wall at the end of a small private layout has been forcibly broken down and the narrow 16 ft 2 in. tarmac, (19ft 6in drain to drain) road within this private layout, has been grandiosely declared a 30 ft. road by the BBMP!

One is welcome to view the original documents pertaining to this private layout, and physically measure the width of the road to check how rules have been violated and measurements fudged.

While all this may only prove the level of corruption and manipulation, the main concern is from where will water be supplied to these 100 apartments? Numerous other multi unit projects are being sanctioned.  From where will the water come? 

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  1. Dear Deepa Peck,
    Me too a resident of WF, I like to know the status of the kaveri4 stage,if you could share with me I will be thankful to you sister.

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