Death spot at Gubbalala Cross

After Anna Hazare’s Bengaluru event on Saturday, 28th May night, I was returning home from Art of Living with a friend. It was around 11pm. From Kanakapura Road we took left at Gubbalala cross (the road connects Kanakapura Road with Avalahalli in southwest Bengaluru) we encountered a damaged man hole and we both fell down from the scooter.

The death spot on Gubbalala cross. Pic: Anand Yadawad.

Luckily not much injury, but still it cost more over Rs.500 for hospital expenses, the scooter had scratches and our clothes were torn. My fingers were swollen and I couldn’t work on computer for the past few days. I am 38 and I work at an Infotech firm in the city.

The Gubbalala Cross Road goes through Hemmigepura, Vasanthpura, and Anjanapura wards.

Udaykumar Kollimath, pillion rider, injured his eyebrow. Pic: AY.

My pillion rider Udayakumar Kollimath, 52, was lucky and escaped with an injury on his eye brow. Kollimath is an agriculture marketing professional.

Few months back on the same road, my neighbour, 14-year-old Akash A died on the spot when a speeding tanker hit the bike (he was on the pillion) when trying to avoid the open manhole. Even after 10 months these manholes are not closed! I heard from local residents that the deaths on this road are quite common.

Akash A, a 14-year-old child and only son of my neighbours Merlyn and Arunkumar. He died on the spot after an accident at the manhole. Pic: AY.

Now, who’s responsible for the loss of this bubbly life? Who is responsible for the injuries to riders? Is it BWSSB or BBMP? Or our corporator? How long do the people of Bengaluru need to bear this kind of negligence?

I have lot of questions after the accident but don’t know who will provide the answer. I have never filed an RTI application in my life. I would like to file a case of negligence and make sure that all such man holes, un-scientific humps throughout Bengaluru are rectified.

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  1. I have filed RTI application with the BWSSB. The question I asked
    1) With respect to my complaint ID S6671 dated 12/07/2011, what action has been taken to close the open water chambers? These water chambers are on the road which starts from Avalahalli and connects to Kanakapura Road close to Gubbalala cross.
    2)One of the open water chamber (close to Kanakapura Road) led to the death of Mr. Akash (14) who expired on 13th July 2010. Have any concerned officers been charged with negligence of not repairing this manhole on time leading to the death of Mr.Akash?
    3) Who is the responsible Engineer/Contracter who constructed the water chambers on this stretch?
    4) What actions BWSSB is taking so that such accidents do not repeat due to such damaged or open water chambers/man holes in Bengaluru?
    I am waiting for BWSSB reply on this.

  2. I did receive a grievance number from BBMP. I went to the spot after two weeks, these BWSSB holes are still open! waiting for some more deaths. I approached my corporator, he says “this not falls under my constituency!”

  3. When this article was forwarded to BBMP Commissioner, he responded by referring it for action to Joint Commissioner (Bommanahalli zone) – C Shivabasavaiah
    (Ph: 9480683433)
    – Navya P K (Staff Journalist)

  4. Thanks to Sri Anand and also Mr.Hairidas &Saju thru whom I recd. this mail. Though I am presently in Mumbai, I am really sad to know the untimely and sad demise of a blooming flower by name AKASH who is the only child to his parents and I really feel extremely sorry for them. May God given enough strength to bear this gr8 loss in their life.

    I also feel sad for the accident which Mr.Anand & Udhaykumar met recently. Thank God they both escaped with minor injuries. I also 100% agree with the 4 point immediate action to be taken by BMC or BWSSB or BBM. Hope the senior officials sitting in the highly placed chairs will execute their responsibilities more seriously and sincerely. Good luck.

  5. Yeah this is the state of affairs of our Country India. I am not sure if our officials ever will become advanced ciztens and officals.

    I am a parent of a 12 year old girl and I want to offer my condolences to the parents of the 14 year old boy. Sorry about your loss.

  6. Anand,
    We can help you file an RTI in this case to the BMP to see what action has been taken regarding closing the manholes.Please let me know if you want to proceed.I belong to organization 5th pillar, Thanks

  7. thank to Mr Anand for publishing about Akash i am his mama we have lost our most precious lovely and lovable son just because some one who had neglected his work of not closing the man hole , its a great loss for our family

  8. Thanks Anand for highlighting the plight of road users and apathy of the BBMP authorities. This was personally brought to the notice of the BBM commissioner after the fatal accident last year. Surprising that no progress in spite of the road repair works done few months back.

  9. Thanks Anand for publishing this. Its been almost one year since we lost Akash. Its sheer negligence on the part of authorities which has cost the invaluable life of our beloved little one and agonized the entire nandi community. Still the officials are in hiberbation. That place has become a killer spot and we are witnessing frequent accidents. Need of the hour is…
    1. Close all man-holes
    2. Properly illuminate the place ( its very dark out there)
    3. Erect Speed breakers and caution signs ( Accident Prone Zone) on the kanakapura main road
    4. Prevent lorries from being parked there. These lorries are parked just at the turning, blinding the people on vehicles.
    If they dont do, let us do it on our own with our contributions( at least whatever possible .. like closing the man-holes)

  10. What is the Height of Irresonpsibility by a Muncipal body? BBMP/ BWSSB challenging the citizens to do what they want while they care a damn about this deathly road. They have technology, money & all where-withals but unfortunately seem too drunk with arrogance, non-chalance and lethargy probably because of huge corruption and lowly-politics. Quite strong words but nothing enough to even touch their conscience. Probably they might be so hard-hearted that even if their own family member suffers on this road, it probably will not move them. Only recourse is for the courts/ judiciary to knock them into action with an ultimatum that if they do not rectify this within a few days, they will be sent to jail.

  11. Yes, truely said Anand! Even most of us experienced this. Though many times the injury doesn’t look at the moment of accident but could have damaged the spine / elbow / knee, which would surface later in life. We need to take step on this.

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