Jaaga needs a new space

Jaaga, based in Bangalore, India, works towards nurturing innovative endeavours by providing space, core infrastructure, and a diverse social environment. We support artists, technologists and NGOs with a desire to create social or environmental change.

  • An on-going urban community art & architecture experiment

  • An environmentally conscious mobile, modular, temporary structure

  • Enables artistic community collaborations and services

We also offer mentorship to small tech start-ups. Fellowships and Expert Collaborator opportunities have been enabled to invite creative minds to Jaaga on focused artistic and socially relevant projects. We focus on artforms that use digital technology in new ways.

Need of the hour

Jaaga is now looking for a small piece of land of about 2000sq. ft. or more to move to.

During our 18 months at current loaction, Jaaga was able to work with and support more than 200 organisations and individuals events by providing them space for exhibitions, lectures, screenings and workshops. We have to move out of our current location in June 2011 and are hoping to find another host who would support us over the next 3‐5 years.

The Jaaga structure is a free‐standing steel installation that doesn’t use any concrete. The land will be returned to the patron in better, more fertile conditions than when it was received. Jaaga makes good caretakers of the land that is entrusted to us, and will rejuvenate and use the land in creative and community driven ways.

Other activites at Jaaga

We host an Electronics Lab where people work on next generation lighting systems, and a Media Lab that enables people to explore new-media technologies. We have multi-level spaces for screenings, workshops, lectures and performances. Through collaborations with visiting artists, architects and technologists, and interacting with its modular steel structure, Jaaga is a space constantly in flux, reacting to the creative inputs of her inhabitants. Our building itself is an ever evolving artistic, social, environmental and technical experiment that is free-standing. It doesn’t use concrete and can be moved with ease.

In this year alone Jaaga has hosted 200 events in collaboration with partners spanning the NGO, artist and technology communities. We have reached an audience of more than 10,000 people from diverse backgrounds and interests.

If you own land, know of anyone who does, please do contact us at info@jaaga.in or directly speak to Archana Prasad at +91 8105992582

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