Suggestions to improve traffic

There is a road widening madness by BBMP these days. It is a clear indication of failure on the part of town planners. In fact planning is being given a go-bye these days!

There is a need to constitute a commitee of all concerned to study/research/analyse how to overcome problems of traffic in this fast growing city.

1. Metro operations are to be hastened.

2. Public road transport studied systematically for a smooth flow in dense area of traffic. BMTC should encourage daily passes by introducing more shuttle trips rather than long distance buses.

3. There is need to inter-connect inner ring roads, outer ring roads radially.

4. All parking of vehicles along public transport routes be banned, in order to create more moving space even for private vehicles.

5. With provision of slabs on storm water drains on both sides of the road, there is no need for pavements at all. All such pavements be removed making way for parking, pedestrian movement etc.

6. Most of the pavements have big trees with roots projecting above pavements, these are to be nicely bound-space between trees be made available to pedestrians after asphalting this area (this has been done with advantage in Gandhi Bazaar) why not replicate this in all areas without uprooting trees.

7. In each ward 1-2 percent road space be converted by marking for pedestrian use only, senior citizens cannot move on pavements, they are comfortable to move along border of the roads.

Much more can be done to facilitate movement of all road users in Bangalore.

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  1. Traffic problem in front of KR Puram Railway station

    ir, I have got to say some thing about the day to day problem faced in front of K R Puram railway station public comeing out of the station are main cause of traffic slow down.

    My suggestion is to remove all train stopping at KR Puram move them to Baiyyappanahalli railway station and Channasandra railway station, and all so add a stoppage in Whitefield railway station. By doing this you put an end to slow moving vehicle in front of KR Puram station. Public who now at Baiyyappanahallli can use Metro and also BMTC to move to their destination. This should be taken up so that when the Metro work starts towards ITPL it will be easy.

    Example each Train bring around 300 to 400 passanger and they board bus or autos to go to there destnation, in gap of 30 min it is vesversa

  2. People also need to cooperate. for eg if big companies run bus services at every half hour in the morning and evening even collecting bus charge from their employees most people will be happy and this will reduce congestion.
    Small private companies can shift time by half to 1 hour for starting and leaving whihc will reduce traffic all running at the same time. Indians need to collaborate and cooperate with governments rather than just keep complaining and not finding smart solutions. This dumb confrontation has not worked will not work. development takes time and effort if people who are using the infrastructure dont cooperate how will it work. Militancy does no good to anyone.

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