Trees on race course road cut

I am a nature lover and it is killing me to see all the tree cover just vanish from Banglore. Have you seen CMH road recently? Why are the trees being chopped left, right and center? Are we even aware of the HUGE price we are paying and for what?

I was delighted to read the article on the Committee to review road widening: High Court and I heaved a sigh of relief.

But I guess relief on paper is not relief after all!

On Sunday (20th July 2008) trees were chopped on Race Course Road. Why??? Is this in consonance with the interim direction dated 28th June 2008 by the Hon’ble Judge of High Court of Karnataka in WP No. 7107/2008?

It’s high time Bengalureans! We need to stand up and protect our trees before its too late.

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