Thank you is a confused entertainer

Thank You begins where Akshay Kumar signed off with Tees Maar Khan, faithfully fulfilling the promise of providing yet another weekend’s dose of mindless entertainment. With shades of director Anees Bazmi’s previous work like No Entry, it’s also Anees’ third film with Akshay after Welcome and Singh in Kinng. But this time the duo fails to make their magic work on audiences, let down primarily by a script that always manages to fall slightly short.

The film begins with three friends Sanjana (Sonam Kapoor), Shivani (Rimi Sen)  and Maya (Celina Jaitley) who have something else in common – their husbands (Bobby Doel, Irrfran Khan  and Sunil Shetty) are cheating on them. So they hire a private detective Kishan (Akshay Kumar) to both catch their husbands red handed and then later win help them win their love back

It’s a premise that Hindi cinema has been handled before, from Biwi No 1 to No Entry. So we know that with the right treatment and performances could make for an entertaining film at the movies. But this time around, unlike with his previous film No Entry, director Anees Bazmi does not pull off. Instead we are left with a script and dialogues that are predictable, but rarely funny. Comic situations do not build up to the right climax, and more often fall flat on their face. Worse still, the film then proceeds to drag, while oscillating between attempts at making you laugh and forcing you to tears.

Bazmi also makes the unforgivable mistake of combining the formidable talents of Akshay Kumar and Irrfan Khan, and yet not managing to produce an entertaining result.

The music and the choreography comes with a sense of déjà vu as well. You know you’ve seen it many times before, and it fails to hold your attention. Only the international locations and an eye catching wardrobe serve as pieces of eye candy garnishing an otherwise dull offering.

But yet the film’s world class production values are just not enough to save the day. It would be unfair to go with anything more than a rating of 2 on 5 for Thank You. You can safely give this one a miss, with no regrets.

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