Simple solutions to complex problems

The recent sensational news of thousands of people being inspired by Anna Hazare should make the people of India wake up and gear up for the second revolution. It required the Mahatma to unite the people of India for a common cause. Now it is Anna Hazare who has achieved this feat. Instead of being passive spectators and constant grumblers, we can do our bit to address some civic problems.

Some of our common problems and a possible solution has been given below:

1.  Do you want your locality to be clean?

Do not throw garbage on the street. Educate your children and your domestic     help as to how to segregate bio waste and other wastes and dispose them appropriately as per the arrangement in your locality. If there is no proper organised system in your locality why should you not take the initiative to introduce it?

2.  Do you want the footpaths to be free from vendors?

Do not buy from footpath vendors. Resist the temptation to buy from them.  It will be a great service to yourself as a pedestrian.

3.  Do you want to eradicate beggary?

Do not give alms to the beggar. It may appear cruel. But a few coins thrown into his hands will not solve his problems nor will it absolve us of our sins. In fact we may be incurring the sin   of promoting crimes related to beggary. We have heard of how women and children are being exploited by some. If you really want to help, identify the needs of the person and see that your generosity is not misplaced. It may be your domestic staff or a poor relative.  Let us not forget that "Charity begins at home."

4.  Do you want the road to be safe?

Drive safely. Follow all the road rules and driving rules. Follow rules like wearing seat belt, helmet etc. follow the lane rules and obey the traffic signals. Park your vehicle in such a way as not to cause inconvenience to others. Above all have patience and don’t lose your cool while driving.

These are just a few of the innumerable problems we are facing. Let us begin now. Greater things will follow suit.

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