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We are a team of ten from various backgrounds and organisations who have taken on a community project involving senior citizens since May 2008. We wish to bring happiness and fun into the lives of seniors at old age homes. We want to be with them in this phase of their lives, care for their health and empower them by creating an atmosphere of warmth and well being.

Senior people end up at old age homes for various reasons; mostly because there is no one to take care of them, sometimes because they themselves are tired of living with family members, and all come here seeking peace of mind. They rarely have anyone with whom they can talk to and share their feelings. With no happiness in their lives, their mental and physical healths often deteriorate day by day. Our objective is to make a difference here.

volunteering at Ananda ashram

Senior citizen performing at the event in Ananda Ashram (pic courtesy: author)

Ananda Ashram on Bannerghatta main road has around 25 senior citizens and a Boys’ home run by the same management. Our team visits Ananda Ashram regularly and our volunteers spend time listening to them. Through these interactions we got to know that there were a few talented singers, poets and performers among them, which prompted us to host an entertainment event on 15th Jun this year.

We brought together the seniors as well as children from the Boys’ home on a common platform for the event. It turned out to be the first of its kind at the place and there was active participation from all. Senior people contributed with their singing and poetic skills, and the children with dance, songs and skits. The programme ended with distribution of gifts and the national anthem. We saw happiness writ large on the faces of children and seniors alike for being part of such an event. We were able to create a bonding between them and they are all enthusiastic to take this on in a bigger way the next time.

volunteering at Ananda ashram

Children performing at the event in Ananda Ashram (pic courtesy: author)

In addition to conducting events we are looking forward to taking on an ongoing project with them. Presently we have decided to get them the medicines they require on a regular basis from nearby doctors. We are planning on creating awareness about hygiene and energy saving among the youngsters by having training sessions. We plan to launch a web site exclusively for seeking and facilitating financial help from interested donors.

Anandha Ashram
Bannerghetta Main Road
Next to IBM SA building
Phone: 080-26784621
Contact: Dilsha

Children need help with English and Hindi languages, and we wish take that on next. The same activities can be extended to other old age homes as well. Whatever little step we are taking here is towards realizing the bigger dream of making a difference in many more old age homes in the city. I invite your participation, in whatever little way you can, in realizing this bigger objective.

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