Spotted at Lalbagh

The second Sunday bird watch at Lalbagh with BNG birders was a new experience. Of course every visit has something new. New topics, information, friends, lot more…

It was very interesting to see little children so actively involved, interested in knowing and understanding about birds. How do we observe birds, animals behaviors, their calls, types of nests and which trees, flower they visit etc. How often do the birds visit here or how many reside permanently. There is no end if we go deep in observation. We saw them and keep on clicking our camera.

And the Lalbagh small lake never disappoints us. Many water birds can be found. The highlight was the large number of Cormorants. Beside this, Pelicans, Cattle Egret, Common Coot, Purple Water Hen and many more can be found. There are two advantages to Lalbagh – get a very good walk and observe birds. 

Lalbagh is the heaven for birds and a university for bird watchers. The large number of people and children who joined the bird watching walk shows the growing awareness towards nature.

Birds observation list.

* Common Myna
* Pigeon
* Verditer flycatcher
* Eurasian Golden Oriole
* Grey headed starling
* Black Drongo
* Ashy Drongo
* Rose ringed Parakeet
* Black Kite
* Brahminy Kite
* Little Cormorant
* Greater Cormorant
* Darter
* Asian Koel Male
* Asian Koel Female
* Large Pied Wagtail
* House Crow
* Purple Water hen(Purple Moorhen)
* Cattle Egret
* White cheeked Barbet
* Common Coot

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  1. Those of you who read this…please email Yeshoda, Ramesha’s wife, and tell him your good memories of him, please. He lives on in our hearts, as a good friend.

  2. Very good article. all photos are eye catching. wana see many more articles from you. keep up the good work. best wishes are with you.

  3. Excellent Article, the photos are too good, nice to see different varieties of birds

  4. Nice article! By the way, the official name of the birdwatching group is “Bird Watchers’ Field Club”…I just found that out!

    Enjoyed the photos very much 🙂

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