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As the summer sets in and college students, who are the primary donors of blood, concentrate on their exams and entrance tests, we have seen in the past that the stock position of blood dwindles rapidly in Hospitals / Blood Banks during the months of March, April and June.

We can jointly do something to overcome this. You can help us to organize blood donation drives at Bangalore either in Corporates, Offices, Factories, Residential Areas, Places of Worship, Colleges, Alumini Groups of Colleges, any other Groups, Associations or Clubs.

We, from Lions Club of Bangalore Sanjaynagar can co-ordinate and hold the blood donation camps where it is expected that a minimum of about 40 -50 persons would donate blood. We would need a clean ventilated hall with power points, 5 tables, 35-40 chairs as all other items would be brought by the blood bank team that would be coming like either Lions Blood Bank, Victoria Hospital, Nimhans, Indira Gandhi Institute of Child Health, Narayana Hrudalaya, Manipal Hospital, J Life Save Blood Bank etc.

Light refreshments for the donors post donation would be arranged from our end. Donors should have had their normal breakfast/lunch before the donation.

This is to request the donors enrolled at Bangalore to see if you could help us organize a camp like this. Due to logistics we are presently not in a position to co-ordinate such camps outside Bangalore. In case you need any additional input, I shall be happy to furnish the same.

Shared by: Lion Alphonse Kurian, Lions Club of Bangalore, Sanjaynagar. Mobile:+919448812330

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  1. Useful article.
    Lions Blood Bank is not appearing in “Blood Bank Helpline- Blood Banks and Donors” page of Citizen Matters.Wish CM will take care of it.
    Lion AW Xavier.

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