Slice of Northeast in Bangalore

St Joseph’s college for Arts and Science was the venue for the mini international cultural and food festival on Saturday, 26 February. The North east and Tibetan forum which comprises of the students from the region was at the helm of it. In its fourth year, the festival is meant to show case the Northeast’s cultural uniqueness at the Bengaluru college.

North east students performing their traditional dance

Tibetan dance. Pic: author.

The current king of the Royal House of Tripura, Kirit Pradyot Deb Barman, was the chief guest. Three thousand people attended the festival. King of Tripura, addressing the students said, "you are the ambassadors of north east. We need quality education and we need economic development." The king said.

He also added that the only way make the voices of the region’s people heard was to get better education.

Fr Ambrose Pinto offering a gift to the Tripura King. Pic: Tenzing Tsering.

Dr. (Fr.) Ambrose Pinto SJ, principal of St Joseph’s college said that the college has a sizeable number of students from the Northeast and Tibet. "There are around 1000 northeastern students and one hundred Tibetan students in the college" he said. He added that "people of Tibet are rootless and homeless. It is necessary to provide them the support they need to create a home as they struggle."

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