Rs 2 Cr may be held back from underpass contractor

The contractor who built the recently inaugurated JP Nagar underpass is now in the dock for poor quality of work. BBMP is planning to withhold Rs.2 crores of payments to pressurise the contractor to finish the work.

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JP Nagar’s 15th Cross underpass. Incomplete and riddled with issues. Pic: Yogaraj S Mudalgi

Poor quality of asphalting and water stagnation along drains of service roads have been among the many issues, along with a whole host of unfinished work.

BBMP’s technical vigilance committee (TVC) gave a report to Commissioner Siddiah in January. On Feb 2, BBMP’s Executive Engineer inspected the site and gave notice to the Engineering Projects (India) Ltd (EPIL) asking them to finish the remaining works.

A whole host of unfinished work and problems having up come in the inspection and have been mentioned in the notice to EPIL.

– Concrete slabs on service roads

– Footpath drain cover slabs

– Kerb stones and weepholes clearing

– Expansion joints treatment, footpath railings, drainage, re-strengthening, delineators and lane markings

– Raising of parapet wall the on deck of the underpass

BBMP Special Commissioner K R Niranjan says that after the company responds to the notice, a deadline will be set for them to finish works (about 15 days). BBMP has to pay Rs 2 crores for the earlier works. If EPIL does not finish all works within BBMP’s deadline, the amount corresponding to these works will be deducted from 2 crores, says Niranjan.

When asked about whether BBMP would take any harsher penal action beyond holding back payment, Niranjan indicated that it was not a major showstopper case yet. "Usually in case of huge flaws, the company will be blacklisted. But it is a long procedure – they can to go to court  and can challenge the decision and get stay", says Niranjan.

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