500 Tibetans protest media speculation on Karmapa

500 Tibetans from Bengaluru held a candle light vigil at Gandhi Square on February 4th evening to protest the media speculation about Karmapa, and hurting the sentiments of all the Buddhists.

Tibetan students in Bangalore light candles to say Karmapa lama is not a Chinese spy

"Last week, the police raid found a few million rupees in the form of dollar, Yuan and two other dozens of currencies from the transit residence of H.H. the 17th Karmapa, at Sidharpur in Dharamashala, and the Indian government is suspecting him as a Chinese spy, and even the national media reported Karmapa, a link to China, without any ground work research." Said Yungdrung Tenzin, vice president of Tibetan Regional Youth Congress, Bangalore.

Ishu Dolker, a doctor in the city who was spokesperson for the day, said His Holiness Karmapa has followers all over the world including Tibet, and china, and he can’t be accused of being Chinese spy just because Chinese currency was found at his residential monastery.

"At most, it might be a bad accountancy by his staff at the monastery, but we must know that his devotees used to offer him money as a token of love and respect, and His Holiness is using this money for charity purposes, not for himself. He has many Chinese devotees too," said the doctor.

Most of these Tibetans are residents and students in the city, and they shouted "Karmapa is innocent, and media, please no conclusion without final investigation."

The candle light vigil was started with a speech by the president of the regional youth congress, Sonam Paljor, and concluded with Tibetan and Indian national anthem.

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