Public road won’t cut through L&T South City

BDA is considering building a new public road on the periphery of L&T South City apartment complex instead of opening up the road within the complex. Apartment residents are breathing a sigh of relief.

Map showing the existing road within the complex and the proposed new road on the periphery

The internal 60-feet road was part of the area that the builder (L&T) and the owner of the land had previously relinquished to the BDA. Residents are contesting the relinquishment in the court, saying that it was done without their knowledge. Read our original story on this here

After continued representations by the residents to the BDA over many months, BDA has now invited a proposal from L&T to build a 40-feet road on the periphery. Officials are to visit the site next week to check the feasibility of the plan.

If the plan is approved, the relinquished road in the complex would continue to remain private. This road has apartments on one side and a 5.5 acre park on another. The new road is proposed to come beyond the park, along the border of the complex; it would connect the road in front of the complex – which BBMP proposes to widen to 40-feet – to a road at the back of the complex, which connects to Puttenahalli.

Narayan Gowda, Joint Director (Town Planning) in BDA, says that the decision about the road will be finalised after the inspection of the site by the Town Planning Member and Engineer Member of the BDA. "BDA will hold a board meeting after this, to make a decision. L&T has been asked to submit a proposal for building the road," he says.

L&T has agreed to bear the cost of the project, and says that they will build the road once BDA gives a directive. "The case about the road is in court and we have no say in the matter now. We were called for discussions, but we have not submitted any proposal. If BDA gives us an order and all necessary approvals, we are ready to build the road," says DK Narang, Vice President (ECC Division) at L&T.

R Rajagopalan, Vice President of the apartment owners’ association SUGRUHA (South City Group Housing Apartment Owners’ Association), says, "BDA has taken interest in the issue and has assured that the new road would come."

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