Tax collection by BBMP

For the first time in the history of state legislature, the ruling BJP has got maximum number of seats in Bangalore city. One of the main reasons the elite electorate of Bangalore elected them because of their promise to scrap the CVS tax structure, make amendents to Akrama/sakrama and master plan of Bangalore and make them people friendly. There are already PILS have been filed against AKRAMA and Master Plan

It is unfortunate inspite of Cabinet decision to collect taxes for this year under SAS scheme, the BBMP has not made arrangements to collect the same, one wonder if BBMP is cash rich to carry out the developmental activities with its present financial status. Citizens would appreciate if BBMP first collects 100% tax with the existing system. The Government should then call for suggestions from the citizens on the new system by advertising in local news papers and hold a public debate before taking any decisions.

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N Mukund is member, executive committee, Jayanagar 5th Block Residents Welfare Association.