Castle Street, free of potholes again

We suffered for months with bad roads. And my recent article on Citizen Matters got some good comments. One especially good comment was the ‘sit in bund’ suggested  to galvanise a reaction from the powers that be. 

Castle Street now free of potholes. Pic: MN.

Then on Sunday morning we were so surprised to see road rollers move in and a group of labourers sweeping off the mud. By nightfall the entire stretch of Castle Street had been done and you can see from the picture which is taken at the same place, before and after, there is an amazing difference.  No one in BBMP is willing to speak or disclose how this fresh tarring got done.

I am so grateful to Citizen Matters because I feel this has happened because of your publishing my story with the picture. Obviously someone on the top reads your web page and presto! we  the grateful residents of Castle Street have a wonderful, brand new road, gifted to us for Christmas! We have suffered, people have hurt themselves greviously walking the road. We are overjoyed and say thank you. Now, just the pavement and sewage lines need to be redone and we are all set!


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  1. So wonderful to know you are doing your civic duty, one road at a time Marianne- this is how Bandra too has improved, we were told by residents there- since we know the Govt. does nothing, time to make the change ourselves!

  2. Great going Marianne. Looking forward to many more civic issues being resolved by the pen more than the sword 🙂

  3. Way to Go Marianne!! Yes the pen is certainly mightier than the sword. Here’s to solving many more civic issues!

  4. I am so glad there are conscious citizens like Marianne whose pen is mightier than the sword!

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