Ranga Tantra performs Kailasam’s play

Why don’t shark attack lawyers? Professional Courtesy!

However lawyers with failing practice are sharks minus the teeth.  Lacking the ferocity, the honourable practitioners of law turn to fictional tales of courtroom victories to rope in unsuspecting clients – RangaTantra

"Bandavaalavillada badayi " loosely translates to "Bluffing with no bounds", The  central character of this play is Ahoblu Rao, a practicing lawyer who is, practice challenged.  While his limited courtroom success partly explains his living condition, his is a story affected by a no-nonsense wife, getting nowhere son, assistants who expect to be paid for their services and clients who don’t expect to pay.  The drama gently portrays the fragility of self-esteem of an individual driven by pressures from peers, spouse and society at large.

Bandvaalavillada badayi by T P Kailasam

The play was presented by the group RangaTantra under Mahadev Prasad’s direction. The author of this play T P Kailasam is a legend amongst Kannada writers. Although his literary works are Kannada based, he perfected a unique style of humorously interlacing English words with Kannada.  The rich tapestry of play form has been appealing to a wide diversity of audience.  

Pic: Purushotham P.

This rib tickling comedy entertainer was showcased on November 27th at K H Kala Soudha (Kengal Hanumantiah Kala Soudha) situated in the same compound as Sri Ramanjaneya Temple at Hanumanth Nagar, Bangalore.

Characters in the play
Pavan as Ahoblu, Akhila as Vishaaloo, Rajashekar as Mudmani, Kiran as Friend 1, Prashanth as Iyer, Sriharsha as Baalu, Akshay as Friend 2, Chetan as Bora, Bharath on Mridangam and Vilas on violin.

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