Residents of Sarjapur Road rally for Iblur school

You will not notice the Iblur Government Primary School unless you are looking for it. Located on the service road of the main Sarjapur Road just before Iblur junction, the school has classes from I to VII standard with 300 students. The students are mostly from Iblur village and are from the economically weaker section. Till very recently, the school had just three classrooms and the classes were conducted in batches to accommodate everyone.

We, from Lions club, HSR layout, adopted the school in the year 2007. We started off by building one classroom, improved a few other necessary infrastructures and organised English teachers. Later, we went on to build two other classrooms, one for the computer lab and one for class VI, which until then was combined with the class VII.

Iblur Government Primary School.

New benches in the classrooms at Iblur Government School.

And every year we take all the children for an one-day excursion. Children look forward to these excursions. Once, I had joined them on their trip to Mysore and the children were so excited to see tigers, lions and other animals in the Mysore zoo. They had so far had seen those animals only in their textbooks. We will be taking them on another trip, in December.

Every time we visit the school, we are struck with new ideas on what can be improved. Only the class VII students had benches while the rest sat on floors. During winters, the floors get really cold, so as stopgap arrangement, we had provided them with country-made mattresses. We then started looking for ways to get some funds from the community for benches since our club’s funds had dried up providing for various other projects.

We mailed our requests to many e-groups including the Lake Shore Homes residents group, where I reside. The response was overwhelming. We needed three thousand rupees per bench. Some residents from East Wood, and Lake Shore volunteered to donate for this cause and one resident from Golden Woods also volunteered to donate a computer.

Sampath Patel, a Lion member and chairman of Patel Public School and College on Outer Ring Road provided us with the designs from his school and also found us the fabricator for the bench. The fabrication of each bench cost us Rs 1,800. The plywood was donated by M/s Bharat Patel of Patel Timbers, Outer Ring Road. In all, the cost of each bench cost us around Rs 2300 as against the initial estimation of Rs 3000.

Our sincere thanks to all those helped us to complete this project and residents of Suncity apartments and Springfields who are the frequent visitors to the school and do their bit for the school.

If any of the residential apartments or gated community want to start their own service activity group, feel free to start your own Lions Club group and serve the community, It is really a great platform to do several social activities.

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